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 Hi From Chris and Kath of Denmark

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Little Changshunese

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Hi From Chris and Kath of Denmark Empty
PostSubject: Hi From Chris and Kath of Denmark   Hi From Chris and Kath of Denmark EmptyMon May 13, 2013 1:10 am

Found this forum and very excited Very Happy.

Im Christoffer - from Denmark.
I'm Living here with my wife (from North-China)
Been here for more than 4 1/2 months now. We just got a daughter here, 3 1/2 months nw. So been buzy buzy Very Happy

I'm 36. My profession is self-employed having an e-commerce trade in Denmark

I'm running the websites, and other e-commerce stores in scandinavia). Nb: I've blocked the online access currently because of Content Scrapers, Frauds and other things coming from china ip's. So you need a VPN to see my websites from China. It will get unblocked later when I get this sorted out.

I used to live in Shanghai last time I was in China (been living on/off for the last 4 yrs). Destiny took me to ChangShu this time.

I am the programmer-in-chief of my company (it's a partnership), and I am doing programming here in ChangShu and I am currently looking for other programming talents. Will go to the university soon to find talents, so if you know anybody who's a Techie, please contact me.

On the private side, i'd love to meet new people here in ChangShu. I haven't seen that many foreigners here yet.

I'd love to go to sports with some fellow expats. I've met a great guy here who is expert in Muay Thai, but he only do private lessons at 200 for a "lesson". (it lasted 3 hours my demo). I am a beginner at the Muay Thai, but wanted to start up ever since I tried it in Shanghai, it's great fun. If you are interested in sharing a lesson then contact me - we can easily be more people. I am also interested in other sports, so don't hesitate to suggest other Smile.

Our flat is downtown at the WuXingQuEr (5 star district no 2). It is located between the MarryLand traders hotel (former Sheriton) and the Jinlin TianMeng Hotel (the hotel with the 2 big light projectors on top).

If you see me and my wife with a baby-stroller, don't hesitate to say hi!.

And i'm looking forward to meeting some of you guys.


Chris & Kath

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Hi From Chris and Kath of Denmark
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