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 American guy coming to Changshu - Help ??

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American guy coming to Changshu - Help ?? Empty
PostSubject: American guy coming to Changshu - Help ??   American guy coming to Changshu - Help ?? EmptyMon Nov 01, 2010 4:02 am

American Guy (46yr old) to live in Changshu, need help, Automotive Engr, I Lived and worked in Wuhu for 3 years, back in the US for a few months returning to live in Changshu this time. I know little about your city, but have traveled some in China so not a newbie. Do not speak Mandarin.

Please comment on any of these:

Like visiting other cities, weekend trips, places and taking photographs
Restless spirit, like staying busy
Coffee shops, breakfast shops,
Are there motorcycle groups that could help me buy a cycle 450cc or larger, maybe group that rides together on the weekends,
Looking for college or English school groups that like to do things on the weekend
Excited to return to China, work will take me north and south in China
Have Cycle license from Shanghai good t0 2014, but only for Motorcycle up to 250cc. Will need cycle license for larger cc bike
Want to get Auto license too
Are there other Americans there, are there colleges… as you can see I am a question machine, comes with the personality and temperament.
Might teach English on weekends to adults

Any help appreciated, plant to be in Changshu by Dec 1st , Jan 1st at the latest
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American guy coming to Changshu - Help ?? Empty
PostSubject: Re: American guy coming to Changshu - Help ??   American guy coming to Changshu - Help ?? EmptyMon Nov 01, 2010 9:06 am

Hello James,

First of all, welcome to the forum ...

I'll try to be an answering machine then Very Happy

For your motocycle questions, i'll send you asap the email of a french guy who is part of a cycle group in Changshu, and rides around Jiangsu province .... He will give you the necessary info ...

Americans around : yes, some in the University, some in some private schools, some in some companies ... Not sure about the exact number, but I know some are already one the forum ...

For teaching : Wally, from Australia, is the man in town, if you want to teach or find some teaching classes or sessions on the weekends, he can explain it all to you ...

Keep in touch,


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American guy coming to Changshu - Help ??
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