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 Article about Shanghai but applies to Changshu also, for foreigners

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PostSubject: Article about Shanghai but applies to Changshu also, for foreigners   Tue Jul 20, 2010 5:51 pm

City Crime Rates Decline by 45%

THE crime rate has dropped 45 percent in the past three months compared to the same period last year due to public security improvements and a crackdown on crime, Shanghai police announced yesterday.

Police said they have solved more than 15,000 crimes and arrested nearly 14,000 suspects since April 15, when anti-crime and security improvement actions were launched ahead of the World Expo.

Police said 895 foreigners had been caught for either illegal residency, illegal immigration or illegal employment in the past three months.
So please remember the following facts of :
- Having a valid working permit and residence visa, when working, even if it is an internship. A "F" visa (Business) is not enough.
- Not forgetting to declare in the next 48 hours where you live to the local police station
- If you live in a hotel, the declaration is made by the hotel, so no worries

Local police have stepped up collaboration with police departments in neighboring provinces on highway check points.

This has contributed to the detention of nearly 3,400 people suspected of committing crimes and the seizure of nearly 3,800 pieces of contraband or dangerous goods.

In the latest case, a wanted murder suspect was caught last Friday at Fengjing Toll Station in Songjiang District. He was trying to enter Shanghai with someone else's identity, police said.

The suspect surnamed Sheng walked into the check room without an identification card and pretended his surname was Liu. He told officers Liu's identification number and even provided the names of Liu's parents to prove himself.

However, an officer checked Liu's number and found Sheng was not the man pictured.

Meanwhile, thefts inside the Expo site have been cleared up after a squad of plainclothes officers was dispatched to the grounds, said Zhao Yong, deputy director of the police's criminal investigation department.

Zhao said there are no more professional gangs operating within the Expo site after the officers apprehended two theft gangs.

Zhao said the daily number of confirmed theft cases was less then one "and some reported theft cases were actually only lost items."

Some visitors have lost their cameras but have never come back to claim them, Zhao said.
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Article about Shanghai but applies to Changshu also, for foreigners
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